BULLGOD is all about FUN! That is why we work with the most creative and cool human beings in the fingerboard community. Get to know who they are below!

Tanner Hench Square

Tanner Hench, USA
Currently Riding: Lifestyle Premium


Jayden, USA
Currently Riding: OG Logo Premium Blue Wood
At about the age of eight I discovered fingerboarding and I was instantly attached to it! I watched many pro fingerboarders do what they’re best at for so long, and they have inspired me to keep doing what I love. I grew up to use fingerboards as a way of calming myself down in an exciting way. The feeling of landing any trick satisfies me so much. I use it as a fun way to distract myself of any problems that I may have going on, but after a nice session, all of my worries disappear. Fingerboarding has had a huge impact on me as a person, and made me have tons of fun even if I’m feeling down.
Above all, I really enjoy the fact that I can be creative! It’s what sparked my love for fingerboarding and what makes it so much fun!

Paul Mirepoix giraffinger

Paul Mirepoix, FRANCE
Currently Riding: Handpainted BullGod Fingerboard

Alex Sousa

Alex Louzeiro, PORTUGAL
Currently Riding: Gratitude Skateboard 8.0"
I started to skate in my neighborhood with my friends, on a soccer field. One day I went to the skate park to start dropping ramps and got to know the older guys who gave me some tips and started teaching me my first tricks. From that day, I started skating with them and created my onw crew to keep the young skateboarding generation from Peniche all together. Skateboarding for me is much more than a sport. It is what makes me happy above anything else! It means learning new things together with my friends while progressing in life at the same time! I pretend to skate all my life and want to thank BullGod for supporting me and my skateboarding.

Mr Mustache
Mr Mustache, GERMANY
Currently Riding: OG Logo Premium Purpe Wood
Infinite pool of tricks.

Mister Chivalry, USA
Currently Riding: Gratitude
Fingerboarding to me is being able to shrink the world down to where you're your only limit.