Your Custom Fingerboard

34.90 EUR - 44.90 EUR

Make your own fingerboard. You can send us your favorite design in black and white or we will help you to create one. Place your order here and write your preferences on checkout notes.

We'll make sure to provide you with a perfect, ready to shred fingerboard. Scroll through the pictures and enjoysome of the custom fingerboards we've already made.

Inside All Packages:
-Your Custom Fingerboard
-100% Wood
-Bearing Wheels
-Metalic Trucks
-Fingerboard Tool
-Increased Power
-Increased Pop & Control
-BullGod Tape
-BullGod Stickers
-More Extras

Choose the option "Complete Custom Premium Fingerboard" to switch regular metalic trucks and bearing wheels for BullGod Slims & Premium Trucks.

If you can't decide, visit our fingerboard collection page by clicking HERE!

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