Premium Museum

Welcome to BullGod's Fingerboarding Museum.

Premium Fingerboards are characterized by their uniqueness and authenticity. Each Premium Series Graphic is limited to a certain number of units and once they're sold, they're gone forever. Owning a BullGod Premium is about enjoying an unique art piece, with a top tier performance, that can both be shredded and collected. In order to honor and catalog all previous Premium Collections, we created the Premium Museum for you to enjoy.

You can find the new Premium Fingerboards by clicking here. To learn about the sold out Premium Fingerboards, just scroll through this page. Have fun!

Premium 1st Edition (Nov. 2020)
Push for Fun Fingerboard"Push For Fun" | 45 Fingerboards

Classic Logo Fingerboard"Classic Logo" | 45 Fingerboards

Motorbike Madness Fingerboard"Motorbike Madness" | 45 Fingerboards

Beach Life Edition (Jul. 2021)
God Life Fingerboard"God's Life" | 45 Fingerboards

Premium 2nd Edition (Nov. 2021)
Suketubodo Fingerboard"Suketubodo" | 60 Fingerboards

Home Sesh Fingerboard"Home Sesh" | 100 Fingerboards

Classics Remastered Edition (Mar. 2022)
CREAM Fingerboard"C.R.E.A.M." | 60 Fingerboards

Banana Flip Fingerboard"BananaFlip" | 100 Fingerboards

BullGod 3rd Anniversary Edition (Apr. 2022)
Yoga Fingerboard"Transcending" | 80 Fingerboards

Logotype Premium Collection (Jun. 2022)
BlackWood Fingerboard"BlackWood" | 15 Fingerboards

Classic Logo Fingerboard"Classic Logo" | 25 Fingerboards

Rasta Fingerboard"Rasta Logo" | 60 Fingerboards

GodRila Bubblegum Collection (Sep. 2022)
Gorila Mentol Fingerboard
"GodRila Mint" | 150 Fingerboards
Available for purchase here.

Fingerboard Gorila Banana"GodRila Banana" | 150 Fingerboards
Available for purchase here.

Gorila Morango Fingerboard"Godrila Strawberry" | 150 Fingerboards
Available for purchase here.

Halloween Special (Nov. 2022)
Fingerboard Halloween"Halloween 2022" | 9 Fingerboards

Double Ply Edition (Nov. 2022)
Blue Ply Fingerboard Wooden"OG Logo Premium Blue Wood" | 150 Fingerboards
Just released and Available for Purchase here.

We hope you've enjoyed the Premium Museum. If you'd like to buy one of the available pieces, follow this link.

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