Kit OldSchool Upgrade | Wood Chest

34.90 EUR

Fancy a big upgrade? Get the best hardware in one kit, including:

-New Premium Cruiser Trucks in 34mm - Created with an inverted kingpin and equiped with reactive bushings - this means your trucks come back to their original position, after being bent by doing tricks. The Axle is soldered to stay in place all the time.
-New Pop Wheels - A set of wheels that provide superior Pop right out of the package. They are also wider, giving you a bigger riding surface and more stability for your tricks.
-BoardRails - Looking for a retro look? Apply these on your deck and protect your graphic forever
-New Magnetic Bolshoi Tool - Tighten trucks' screws with ease, thanks to the new Bolshoi tool. With the New Bolshoi Tool, bolts are tighten fast without striping any head.
-Extra Pivot Cups - An extra set of Pivot Cups is included to give a new life to your old set of trucks.
-2 sheets of foam tape - To make your deck feel brand new.
-T-Tool - Just like the classic skate tool, now as a fingerboard version. Works on screws, nuts, locknuts and as an hex key.
-Wooden Chest - To store your hardware, shipped full of stickers.

An exaustive list? Yes. That's why your fingerboard will ride and feel like never before!

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