NEW Split Ply Ocean | New Shape (33.4mm)

39.90 EUR - 74.90 EUR

BullGod proudly presents Split Ply Fingerboard 2nd Edition! A sharpened version of the classic fingerboard, made with performance in mind.

The recipe:
-NEW Mastiff Shape
-Rounded Nose & Tail for easier tre flips & kickflips
-High Kicks for extra Pop
-Medium Concave for proper finger placement
-Top notch board feel
-Avaliable in 33.4mm

This new Split Ply Fingerboard comes equiped with:

-Cruiser Trucks - Created with an inverted kingpin, including with pivot cups for increased stability and equiped with reactive bushings - this means your trucks come back to their original position, after being bent by doing tricks. The trucks base is now rectangular with 90º angles and the hanger is soldered inside to stay in place all the time. Locknuts size was reduced in comparison to Premium Fingerboards, in order to reduce friction with your bearing wheels. These are the same trucks you can find on the Old School Fingerboard.

-BullGod Slims - Fast and stable wheels for all-around use. BullGod Slims are hard and slidy, making them adherent to any surface, easy to flip and fun for powerslides.

-New Deck Shape - Our experimentation over the past 5 years led to the creation of what is the ideal board shape for BullGod's team - the new Mastiff Shape. The nose and tail has been rounded for easier flicking of your tricks. The concave and kicks formula has been changed to a new ratio - one that makes your fingers rest perfectly in the perfect position for maximum pop. This shape is around 0.5g lighter than other BullGod Boards.

-Tape & Stickers - Each package includes 2 sheets of BullGod foam tape, plus miniature stickers to customize your board.

You can also add the wheels in the pictures - BullGod Urethane Fatties Wheels - to your complete setup for a discounted value! (BullGod Slims Wheels are still included with this pack. You'll get 2 sets of wheels with your fingerboard: 4x Urethane Fatties + 4x BullGod Slims).

Grab a Split Ply today and fingerboard like a God!

This product includes free shipping to the whole world 🚚 USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania and even if you live on a tiny, far away island 🌎

If you'd like to get the deck only, Only Fingerboard + Tape includes the fingerboard, plus 2x BullGod Foam Tape & stickers. Price is 39.90 + Free Shipping.

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