NEW PHARAGOD | PRO Fingerboard

19.90 EUR - 39.90 EUR

High Kicks
Medium Concave
Extreme Pop & Control

Avaliable in 34mm & 32mm

PHARAGOD - After travelling to Egypt, BullGod was acclaimed as the new ruler of the whole kingdom. Responsible for unifying fingerboarders from Upper and Lower Egypt, the PharaGod enjoys divine skills for kickfliping every time - first try. The Cobra on it's head protects him from landing any sketchy tricks.

New PharaGod PROfessional Fingerboard

Inside All Packages:
-Sand Yellow Color Fingerboard
-100% Wood
-Increased Power
-Increased Pop & Control
-BullGod Tape
-BullGod Stickers
-More Extras

Complete Fingerboard includes: Professional Trucks, Bearing Wheels, Spacers, Nuts, Screws and Key. Price is 29.90 + Free Shipping.

Premium Fingerboard will get you an improvement:

-Premium Trucks - They turn like a real skateboard, include locknuts (with rubber on the inside) that make them as loose or tight as you desire and do not require spacers. You'll notice a huge difference in how you perform and ride, all while having an extra dose of fun!

-BullGod Slims - Fast and stable wheels for all-around use. BullGod Slims are hard and slidy, making them adherent to any surface, easy to flip and fun for noisy powerslides.

-Locknuts - These nuts have rubber on the inside, so you can decide to use your trucks super loose or extra tight.

Price is 39.90 + Free Shipping.

Only Fingerboard + Tape is the cheapest option and includes the fingerboard deck, plus BullGod Foam Tape. Price is 19.90 + Free Shipping.

All orders include a bunch of stickers and some random extras! Choose wisely and have fun!

BullGod - Don't bite. Meditate.

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