NEW Old School Fingerboard - Orange Colorway

39.90 EUR - 59.90 EUR

Progress is impossible without change. That's why BullGod proudly presents the New Old School segment - A new and redesigned way of fingerboarding.

Enter the process of rediscovering your tricks and learning new ones, through the sensation of a new shape under your fingers. Try the secret Old School formula!

Learn what's new in the Old School Segment:
-New Fingerboard Shape - Just like old school skateboards, the deck has a square tail that wides as it finds its way to the nose of the deck, ending in a round shape on the nose. This change alone is sufficient to provide you a completely new feeling on how your fingers perform each trick. But there's more, keep reading!
-New Cruiser Trucks - Created with an inverted kingpin, including with pivot cups for increased stability and equiped with reactive bushings - this means your trucks come back to their original position, after being bent by doing tricks. The trucks base is now rectangular with 90º angles and the hanger is soldered inside to stay in place all the time.
-New Pop Wheels - As the name indicates, a set of wheels that provide superior Pop right out of the package. They are also wider, providing a superior riding surface and stability.
-BoardRails - Apply them on your deck for an extra old school feeling and protect your graphic forever.
-New Locknuts - Created smaller to reduce friction with your bearings.
-Tape & Stickers - Each package includes 1x Thin Tape w/ engraved BullGod Logo + 1x Tape without logo. A big & exclusive sticker like the old school graphic is also included in each pack.

The best part? All old school pieces are compatible with your other BullGod Fingerboards - swap trucks, wheels, locknuts, bushings, you name it! Create new fingerboards and find your own style.