MILE HIGH | PRO Fingerboard

19.90 EUR - 39.90 EUR

Inside All Packages:
-BullGod Summer Edition Fingerboard
-100% Wood
-Increased Power
-Increased Pop & Control
-BullGod Tape
-BullGod Stickers
-More Extras

Complete Fingerboard includes even more: Professional Trucks, Bearing Wheels, Spacers, Nuts, Screws and Key. Price is 29.90$ + Free Shipping.

Premium Fingerboard will get you an improvement on your fingerboard, explained below:
-Premium Trucks - They turn like a real skateboard, include locknuts (with rubber on the inside) that make them as loose or tight as you desire and do not require spacers. You'll notice a huge difference in how you perform and ride, all while having an extra dose of fun!

-BullGod Slims - Fast and stable wheels for all-around use. BullGod Slims are hard and slidy, making them adherent to any surface, easy to flip and fun for noisy powerslides.

Price is 39.90$ + Free Shipping.

Only Fingerboard + Tape is the cheapest option and includes the fingerboard, plus BullGod Foam Tape. Price is 19.90$ + Free Shipping.

ll orders include a bunch of stickers and some random extras! Choose wisely and have fun! It's Summer! ☀️

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