Gripsion x BullGod 3.0

29.90 EUR - 39.90 EUR

Medium Concave
High Kicks
Extreme Pop & Control
Top Notch Board Feel

Avaliable in 32mm & 34mm

The New Gripsion x BullGod Fingerboard!

The Gripsion and BullGod on the same fingerboard? Yes, it's real! Beautiful oak wood color plys, Engraved top with both logos and a Shape that will make your fingers feel in heaven. Pop tricks extremely high and control your board like a charm! Try it for yourself, you'll love it!

The Gripsion x BullGod 3.0 is here to stay! A collection that celebrates the long collaboration between 2 brands who love fingerboard and its culture.

The Complete Premium Fingerboard Includes:

Premium Trucks - They turn like a real skateboard, locknuts make them as loose or tight as you desire and do not require spacers. You'll notice a huge difference in how you perform and ride.

BullGod Slims - Fast and stable wheels for all-around use. BullGod Slims are hard and slidy, making them adherent to any surface, easy to flip and fun for powerslides.

Locknuts - These nuts have rubber on the inside, so you can decide how to use your trucks for your own personal taste. Tight as a rock, loose as a goose, or somewhere inbetween. Forget about lost nuts and long fingerboard sessions with a key always at hand!

Thin Tape - Extra grippy out of the package, it's not necessary to use it before it starts suiting your fingers. Engraved with BullGod logo, you'll always know where the nose and tail of your deck are. 2 Sheets included.

Soft O-Rings Bushings - Durable and squashy. Forget other brands, you won't need to upgrade a single thing.

Nuts & Key - The last pieces to put everything on it's place. This is a Professional PREMIUM Fingerboard, so it's your mission to put everything together! Otherwise it would not have the same appeal, right? 😉

Extreme Pop & Control for your fingers has always been our mission since day 1. We have achieved the wood maximum potential. This fingerboard flies and reaches new heights with every trick you make.

This product includes free shipping to the whole world 🚚 USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania and even if you live on a tiny, far away island 🌎

If you don't mind sacrificing some of your setup performance, Basic Complete Fingerboard is the affordable option. It includes:
-Gripsion x BullGod Fingerboard
-Basic Professional Trucks w/ Bushings
-Bearing Wheels
-Nuts, Bolts & Key
-BullGod Tape & Stickers

Whatever package you choose, we guarantee that you'll have a lot of fun trying new tricks. The Pop & Control on BullGod Fingerboards is Unmatachable!

BullGod - Don't bite. Meditate.